Sponsor a Bear Cam

Support Spirit Bear Research Foundation by sponsoring an bear research camera in Kitasoo/Xai’xais territory. With a minimum donation of $400 -the cost of one remote camera- we will send you photos or videos of the animals detected by the the camera you have donated throughout the research season. Maybe your camera will get visited by grizzly, black, or even a Spirit bear! Other species our cameras have detected include wolves, cougars, wolverines, deer, many species of birds, river otters, mice, pine martens and more.

We deploy remote cameras across the territory to monitor bear presence/absence and variation in the times that bears use habitat and salmon resources. Remote cameras record data by capturing images or videos at specific time intervals or when infrared triggers are detected. We collect thousands of images and videos each year and review them all for presence/absence of grizzly, black, and Spirit bears. This data helps us understand which habitats are important for which species and how the movement of grizzly bears on to islands might influence black bears.

Donate a minimum of $400 on our donation page and note ‘bear cam’ in the notes. All proceeds go directly toward SBRF research programs.