Each year, trophy hunters in British Columbia kill hundreds of grizzly bears for their heads, paws and hides. Those that support this slaughter claim it’s necessary to maintain balance in nature and provide economic advantages, yet conservationists and activists say otherwise.

Presented by Lush Cosmetics, Trophy challenges this controversial “sport” that exists across North America and asks: can we truly justify killing these animals for entertainment?

Download and share Trophy for free at and sign the petition at to speak up for grizzlies.

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by Lush Cosmetics North AmericaNovember 1, 2016

Where the Spirits Roam

Canadian Wildlife Article


by Kerry BanksSept + Oct 2016

Cormorant Island visit for two grizzly bears comes to an end

by Mark Hume - Globe & MailSeptember 22, 2016

SEAS (Supporting Emerging Aboriginal Stewards) Community Initiative

SEAS Community Initiative is helping First Nations students in the Great Bear Rainforest take an active role in learning about the lands and waters of their traditional territory.

Spirit Bear Research Foundation is proud to work with the Klemtu SEAS program. Watch this video to learn more about SEAS and SBRF’s involvement.

To learn more:


by ZacK EmbreeFebruary, 2016

Spirits of the Forest

Canada’s forests are home to ghostly bears that have a key advantage over their darker cousins, but incoming grizzly bears pose a new threat.

The ‘Grizzly Invasion’ section of this feature article by BBC Wildlife showcases our research on grizzly bear movement to islands.


by BBC Wildlife, by Isabelle Groc. Photos by Daisy Gilardini.September, 2015

The Rare, White Bear May Be the Key to Saving a Canadian Rainforest

The white Kermode bear of BC is galvanizing First Nations people fighting to protect their homeland

This in depth article published in Smithsonian Magazine that features Spirit Bear Research Foundation’s research program and directors, Douglas Neasloss and Kriss Duncan.


by Alex Shoumatoff, Photograph by Melissa GrooSeptember 2015

Great Bear Sea Documentary

Spirit Bear Research Foundation in Great Bear Sea Documentary

This documentary explores how 18 First Nations and the Province of British Columbia (Marine Planning Partnership) have crafted marine plans for the Great Bear Sea to protect marine ecosystems and build sustainable coastal economies.

by Ocean FrontiersMay 2015

16×9 – FULL STORY: Bear Tracks

In the Great Bear Rainforest

In the Great Bear Rainforest – on the central and north coast of British Columbia — 36 remote cameras have been rolling for two years now – capturing bears — as you’ve never seen them before. And what it’s telling us about how these animals migrate, and why could have far reaching implications. For more info, please go to

Great Bear

A Coastal First Nations led collaboration with researchers from leading academic universities provides remarkable insights into the importance of bears and other keystone species to the ecosystems of the Great Bear Rainforest. Or jump to the Spirit Bear Research Foundation clip from this video at

Bear Witness

A film by BC's Coastal First Nations

When ‘Cheeky’ the bear is ambushed and decapitated in front of a lone witness, a chain of events is set in motion up and down the coast. You’re the next link. For more info, please go to

The Tyee

Study Confirms Grizzlies Living on Unprotected Coastal Islands

by Cara McKennaJuly 24, 2014

The Austrian Tribune

Study Shows Expansion in Range of Grizzly Bears on B.C.’s central Coast

by Tim MayrJuly 24, 2014

Vancouver Sun

Grizzly bears expanding their range on B.C. coast: new study.

July 24, 2014

CFAX 1070

Grizzly bears expanding their range to central coast islands.

10:00am, starts @ 8min. 25sec.

by Pamella McCallJuly 24, 2014

The Conversation

Grizzly outlook for hunted bears in Canada.

by Kyle ArtelleApril 9, 2014

The Ecologist

Renewed hunting imperils Canada’s Grizzlies

April 10, 2014

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Global spotlight on British Columbia grizzly bear kill

by Joel ConnellyMarch 24, 2014

Vancouver Sun

‘Brutish’ Columbia’s gruesome trophy bear hunt puts us on display.

by Stephen HumeMarch 16, 2014

Focus Online

The economics and ethics of the grizzly bear trophy hunt

by Judith Lavoie

Huffington Post

BC Grizzly Hunt Bolstered by Spurious Science

by Chris GenovaliFeb 11, 2014

The Ecologist

Overkill – trophy hunting slams BC grizzly bears

by Anna TaylorFeb 06, 2014

CBC News Vancouver

Grizzly bears overhunted in B.C.?

by Lisa JohnsonNovember 6, 2013

Global BC

Trophy bear hunt driving local population to decline?

by Linda AylesworthNovember 6, 2013